Friends of Belmont Regional Park



Despite all our efforts and successes over the years, threats to the Park seem to be unrelenting.  In the last year we have twice seen renewed calls from a Real Estate agent for development  of the Kilmister block, at a fat profit to himself  of course, and you can be he and his ilk will try and capitalise on any weakness on our part to push their agenda.  

Our committee is always vigilant, but to have maximum effect when advocating we need to be able to demonstrate a solid membership.

So whether you walk, bike, ride a horse or simply enjoy looking at the view PLEASE help us to preserve the Park for all users and future generations by joining us.


Just fill, out the membership form and deposit your subscription directly into our KiwiBank account - 38-9022-0738584-00.

Please include your name (surname and initials) in the reference fields so we can link your payment to your form.